The Story

I am a woman who grew up in the city but was raised in the natural beauty of Alaska and Idaho. My main inspiration comes from nature and the sparse, spindly trees of those regions. Much of my work reflects the juxtaposition of the city and natural lifestyles. 

 My dad is a handyman, with a wonderfully artsy inclination to make items out of anything he has a vision for. Every time he made something with wood, he pulled out his old, simple pyrography pen and sketched his signature stick-figure hiking man onto the surface. As an artist myself, the pen struck an interest in me. I asked him to cut me some wood for coasters, promptly stole his pen, his Benite wood conditioner, and some sandpaper. From then on, everything I made was a gift for people I love - from wall art, to coasters, air plant decor, wedding centerpieces, walking sticks, and small tokens as reminders of love.